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Social Services

Cleaning up at grandma’s house: an activity we put our hearts into

Romania is the country where parents leave their children all by themselves to go work abroad. Romania is the country where the elderly live out their old age alone. In the last few days we have offered the aforementioned a helping hand, namely 10 senior citizens included in the Bacău homecare programme.

Along with volunteers from the Vodafone Romania Company and Bacău Community Support Foundation – 45 total – we participated in what we called “Cleaning up at grandma’s house”, an activity which meant general cleaning at the seniors’ homes and cooking, where needed.

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Can you win 1stplace if you live in a basement?

Missis Petre has 6 children, one of which suffers from Down syndrome. The youngest is two years old and the oldest is 13, and they all live in the basement of a building in the Ferentari neighbourhood of Bucharest, in a damp and mouldy 6 square meters box. There is no sunlight in this dark room, and heating and hot water pipes cross through the ceiling, which are vulnerable to bursting.

The smell is dreadful; going down there, your nose and throat will burn and you’ll find it difficult to breathe. Their father couldn’t take all of this anymore and hung himself, leaving his family to fend off for themselves. This is one of the social cases undertaken by the Saint Stelian Association, through the Steluţa Day Care Centre, financed by the Vodafone Romania Foundation.

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We played basketball in wheelchairs with the Motivation Foundation

12 volunteers from the Vodafone Romania Companyhave answered on 19-th of March to the request launched by our Foundation and they showed up at the Romanian Basketball Federation gym. It was a unique experience, because we met some amazing people, who feel free and haven’t lost their zest for life, even though they’re strapped to a chair on wheels.

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A colourful day with the Hercules Association

March 12 was an especially sunny and colorful day, but not just because of the delightful sunshine. Along with 30 colleagues from Vodafone Romania, we went to Costeşti, Argeş, where we met the children in the care of the Hercules Association and we painted the building’s walls together.

The Hercules Day Care Centre, financed by the Vodafone Romania Foundation is the only one of its kind in the south of Argeş county. Here, 50 children from underprivileged families receive help with their homework, additional tutoring on the subjects they are having trouble with and they participate in various sports and recreational activities. The Hercules Day Centre also serves them lunch, which is very important for the little ones. Their activity is supervised everyday by volunteer teachers and professors, a kindergarten teacher and a psychologist.

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