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Cleaning up at grandma’s house: an activity we put our hearts into

Romania is the country where parents leave their children all by themselves to go work abroad. Romania is the country where the elderly live out their old age alone. In the last few days we have offered the aforementioned a helping hand, namely 10 senior citizens included in the Bacău homecare programme.

Along with volunteers from the Vodafone Romania Company and Bacău Community Support Foundation – 45 total – we participated in what we called “Cleaning up at grandma’s house”, an activity which meant general cleaning at the seniors’ homes and cooking, where needed.

The campaign was part of the “Alongside forgotten grandparents” project, which was financed for a year by the Vodafone Romania Foundation.
Besides the spring cleaning, we also offered the elderly beneficiaries Easter food packages, but most importantly, we relieved their hearts, if only for a moment, of a mostburdensome disease: loneliness!

“For the forgotten grandparents, elderlies whose doors haven’t opened for anyone in years, these holidays could go by as sad and meaningless as any other day. They don’t have the strength and the energy to prepare for Easter like in the old days. Now they barely manage to move around by themselves and day after day they struggle with disease and all sorts of other problems”, said Ionuţ Chirilă, spokesperson for the Community Support Foundation.

What did the cleaning involve? Well, nothing out of the ordinary, we did whatever we would do in our own homes: we beat the carpets, cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchens and went grocery shopping.

We thank all the volunteers who took part in this initiative. The seniors were very grateful and they were impressed with their generosity.


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