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The Fund for Good Deeds: Investing for children and youths with serious illnesses

Along with the MAME Association we have launched the “Health is a priority” programme, aiming to support children and youths in Romania suffering from serious health problems. They will be offered medical, psychological and legal counselling services and they will be guided towards hospitals abroad if they cannot receive treatment or surgical interventions in Romania.

The project is supported through the“Fund for Good Deeds” financing round,2014 edition by means of which the Vodafone Romania Foundation aims to support projects set-up by nongovernmental organisations in the fields of education, health and social services,regarding socially, financially or physically disfavoured children, youths and elderlies.

The MAME Association will receive nearly 54.000 euro from Vodafone Romania, and over 100 patients who solicit the association’s support throughout 2015 will benefit, free of charge, from consultancy, support, counselling, information and guidance services, enabling them tobetter handle their illnesses.

The MAME Association will also participate in setting up fundraising campaigns necessary for surgeries performed abroad and will offer support in accessing the S2 (E112) form, so that the medical expenses are covered by the National Health Insurance Fund.

Asociatia MAME - Fondul pentru Fapte Bune - Fundatia Vodafone Romania
Maria Culescu, Preşedinte Asociatia MAME | Fundaţia Vodafone România

“I have personally dealt with a serious illness and I have a near 6 year experience volunteering for the MAME Association. I reached the conclusion that in order to facilitate recovery for a cancer patient it’s not enough to provide him with medical services; the emotional, social and material issues that ensue by the nature of this illness also need to be addressed”, saysMaria Culescu, Founder and President of the MAME Association.

For this project an interactive dynamic map of public and private medical services in the country and abroad has been designed, also encompassing psychological and social services, as well as other related services pertaining to people diagnosed with cancer. The map will be available at asociatiamame.comand it will facilitate users’ access to information regarding hospitals, clinics, centres and other cancerpathology-related organisations.

The partnership between the Vodafone Romania Foundation and the MAME Association began in 2013 by including Maria Culescu in the “Professional Volunteer” programme and it is continued to this day through the financial support of the “Life Reserve Fund for Adults” project. Through this project the MAME Association was elected by ARC Romania and mobile networks to assign short SMS numbers for individual adult cases of severe illnesses that require medical interventions or treatments which cannot be carried out in Romania.

The MAME Association was founded in April 2009 and duringits almost six years of activity it has supported over 400 cases of children and youths suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses.

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