Professional Volunteer: Fighting multiple sclerosis

Professional Volunteer: Fighting multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a very serious illness, which can lead to permanent disability; diagnosis for MS is difficult, as its causes are still unknown. The evolution of the disease is impossible to predict, especially since at the moment there is no definitive cure for this condition.

Since 2012, through the “Professional Volunteer” programme, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has supported the activity of the SM SPEROMAX ALBA association, which currently looks after 150 people afflicted with multiple sclerosis from Alba county.

Luiza Pop will carry on Raluca Muntean’s work, professional volunteer whose activity was recognised last year through the “Social Worker for the elderly and homecare services” Award, granted by the Romanian National College of Social Workers.

Luiza Pop, voluntar de profesie ediţia 2014-2015

“You have to feel, you have to understand, you have to want to offer help where it’s needed”, says Luiza Pop, who believes these conditions can only be fulfilled if “you don’t expect anything in return”.

Luiza Pop’s purpose as a professional volunteer will be to provide multiple sclerosis patients with the independence necessary for daily activities which to us seem mundane, but for them are real challenges.

“We don’t want to ignore the socialisation component either, so the patients will be enrolled in an ergotherapy programme, where they will take part in activities to improve their fine motor skills, memory, attention span or stimulate their creativity”, Luiza Pop explained.

You can also follow Luiza Pop’s activity on the professional volunteer blog.

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