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An unforgettable summer camp

The Hercules Association organised a summer camp between the 23rd and 28th of June in Moeciu de Sus where, with help from the Vodafone Romania Foundation, 40 children got to enjoy being out in nature within a specially designed programme.

The purpose of the camp, beyond the fun part, was to create a communication-friendly atmosphere for the children, to enrich their language, to teach them and help them develop a healthy behaviour towards the environment. In short, children learned to love nature, as well as its history.

“Words cannot describe how happy our children were and what a good time they had”, executive director at the Hercules Association, Petruţa Stănescu told us.

Visit at the Bran Castle

Visit at the Râşnov Citadel

Play, play and play some more

The Vodafone Romania Foundation has been supporting the “Hercules Day Centre” project ever since 2007. Its purpose is preventing school and family abandonment among needy children from Costeşti and neighbouring villages.

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