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Vodafone Romania Foundation is funding NGOs which support health, education, social services and volunteering projects, in the benefit of children and elderly disadvantaged from a social, economic or physical point of view, or persons with special needs.

The organizations are any association, foundation or federation, legally registered in Romania under Ordinance 26/2000 and accredited for the granting of the service proposed in the project (where accreditation is required).

Funding is granted following rounds that Vodafone Romania Foundation launches and to which organizations can apply online on this site. Evaluation of applications is carried out by a team of board members and of foundation members, based on the application forms filled in by the applicant and the supporting documents required.

Applications received during the funding round are evaluated by an odd number of jurors that score each application from one to five and the final result is given by the average of the scores received.

The following projects are not eligible:
• projects that already have institutional financiers and or companies with the status of sole or main financier / sponsor / partner for the main project proposed for funding;
• project that have beneficiaries outside Romania;
• projects aimed exclusively at organizing campaigns / fundraising events, receptions, conferences, travels, research activities, feasibility studies;
• projects that support political or religious purposes;
Examples of rounds of funding that Vodafone Romania Foundation organizes annually are:
• Connecting for Good – a strategic program that addresses projects which solve a community problem with the help of technology;
• Fondul pentru Fapte Bune (Good Deeds Fund ) – a round dedicated to projects in the strategic areas financed by Vodafone Romania Foundation;
• Voluntar de profesie (World of Difference) – strategic program that addresses those wishing to make a career change and become involved in the activity of non-governmental organizations.

Applications can be registrated only in the timeframe in which the specific grants are active.

More information can be verified in the Regulation dedicated to each funding rounds available on the platform.

If you want to apply go to

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