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Mobile training centre for the population and the SMURD personnel

Partner: Foundation for SMURD

– SMURD personnel (doctors, nurses, paramedics)
– People across the country interested in attending first aid courses

Location: National
Year of launch: 2016
Budget: RON 1,800,000

Purpose of the project:

Finding a solution that provides better training and a high degree of independence in organizing the training courses offered to SMURD personnel and to the population without medical / paramedical education.


Every citizen should be aware that he/she needs minimal training to cope with disasters that may occur at any time. Trained persons will know how to protect themselves, their family and the community from hazards.

Disasters affect all segments of the population, but not everyone equally. UNICEF estimates that around 50-60 per cent of those affected by a disaster are children. Their training is the most important, as children can positively influence their parents with the help of the knowledge they gained. Studies have shown that a child who attended such an educational program is less affected if faced with a disaster.

The employees of the emergency situations system work every day to protect the population. Their shoulders bear a huge responsibility and they need to be trained periodically.


Setting up a mobile training centre, custom-built on a lorry structure. The centre is provided with a classroom for 40 people and is equipped with all the medical and first aid equipment required (handheld devices, including simulators), to enable the effective training of students in the latest techniques of first aid. This mobile centre can be used to organize various courses of medical training, both for the population and for the professionals in the emergency situations system. The participation of those who want information and training improves their ability to cope with unexpected situations and disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes).

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