When technology mitigates disability and autism

When technology mitigates disability and autism

The Baia Mare Autism Association has recently organized the national Conference with international participation “ACCEPT ME THE WAY I AM – on ability and disability”, within the T.A.L.E (Technology Assists Learning and Education) project, financed by the Vodafone Romania Foundation; its purpose is to improve independent living abilities for the 55 autistic children from the Day Centre of the Baia Mare Autism Association.

Using tablets with multimedia applications, children developed their social abilities: initiating social contact, role playing, improving eye contact, attention and interest towards those around them. Their language skills have improved greatly, and for nonverbal children, the tablet offered an image-based means of communication. The interactive board used for educational activities offered adequate stimuli towards expanding their learning process and overall knowledge. The 10 volunteers involved in the project had the opportunity to interact with the children and observe the benefits of the technology methods employed.

The financial support necessary for the development of this project amounts to 34.415 euro, of which over 20.000 Euros represent the Vodafone Romania Foundation contribution.

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