Programe strategice - Fundatia Vodafone

The Strategic Investment Programme for Rural Areas

Romania is an unevenly developed country, where the gap between rural areas and cities is still visible. Wishing to increase the access of Romanians in all areas to education, health and quality social services, we started a long-term programme designed to support the disadvantaged categories of people from villages and small towns in Romania and to contribute to the progress of these regions.

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Connecting for Good

We cannot imagine life without technology. It is part of our ”normality”. And for us it is more normal for technology to help us improve the lives of as many people as possible. For the children and adults suffering of serious diseases, the patients of transplant operations or those in rural areas, cut off from the world, or the people with impaired hearing and sight, we managed to make truly incredible things using technology.

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Professional Volunteer

For people who have the habit of doing good, the Professional Volunteer project can be a beautiful dream. It is the program that allows anyone to take a break from their own professional activity in order to dedicate themselves to social causes they believe in, even within an NGO. The Vodafone Romania Foundation provides the salaries for 9 months to 9 people who have always wanted to work in a non-profit organization, but have not had this chance before.
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