School in a box

Partner: World Vision Romania Foundation

Location: Cluj, Ialomiţa, Ilfov, Vaslui and Vâlcea

Launch year: 2018

Budget: 2.216.382 lei

Funding from the Vodafone Romania Foundation: 1.929.086 lei


Teachers working in 10 primary and secondary rural schools, the students attending these schools, parents, volunteers and the general public.

What do we intend to do?

Promote digital education and encourage the use of interactive working methods and educational digital content in classrooms by training teachers and facilitating access to educational resources and multimedia tools among children and parents living in rural areas and the general public.

The identified problem

Over 97% of the teachers in rural areas have a medium level of education, and Romania continues to rank third in the European Union among the countries with the highest school dropout rate. The number of children from rural areas who drop out of school is almost double that of the number of children from urban areas (27% versus 14%).

According to the "Investing in the education of children from rural areas" study:

90% of teachers want to attend training or improvement programs in the ICT/IT field

97% of teachers believe that it is important to outfit every classroom with a computer or a video projector, which are necessary for teaching and/or using educational software

68,9% of students want to work on a computer

The solution

Providing schools with 10 "Instant Classroom" mobile box which consist of a laptop for the teacher, 25 tablets for the students, a video projector, an audio system, a built-in equipment charging solution, a built-in Wi-Fi router, a 4G modem cu Internet connection and an e-Learning platform.

The e-Learning platform is an educational hub where various resources are made available to the general public, free of charge: the Vodafone digital library, school books from the Ministry of National Education, curricular and extracurricular resources, interactive exercises, life education courses, etc.

Each school involved in the project has its own online space for digital lessons. The teachers create lessons using age appropriate resources and activities, which they then teach during class. Thus, the students have a virtual multimedia space with supplies, quizzes, tests, exercises, surveys with real-time results and feedback.

The teachers can organise information and training events both inside and outside the school with the help of the Instant Classroom box.

The students use the platform and the tablets during class, with secure access and username and password login. The account management is done centrally, at the school level.

The parents have a dedicated training section on the platform, “Parents' school”, available exclusively for users who are logged in with a Parent account.

The platform works both online and offline with the help of the server and the router in the box.

Expected results

  • Over 2,000 students from 10 rural primary and secondary schools in Romania will use technology to study
  • Over 25% of the teachers from these schools will learn to use technology for teaching purposes
  • More than 50 teachers will attend training programs, some of which are authorised by A.N.C. - the National Qualifications Authority and accredited by M.E.N. - the Ministry of National Education
  • More than 200 volunteers will participate in mentoring activities for teachers and digital workshops for students in 7th and 8th grades.
  • More than 500 parents and members of the community will be involved in educational activities
  • The teachers will create at least 2 lessons per month on the platform
  • The teachers will use the technology (platform and/or box) at least once a week
  • The school will conduct at least 1 educational workshop per month for students, parents and/or the entire community, including during school holidays

School in a box

We invest in the education of children from rural areas