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Multiple sclerosis, the disease of the young adult. Be aware of the risks!

Along with the SM Speromax Alba Association we launched the “Multiple sclerosis, the disease of the young adult. Be aware of the risks!” project, by means of which we opened a day centre which offers 18 patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis from Alba county specialized sociomedical services, for 12 months.
The amount invested by the Vodafone Romania Foundation for the development of this project amounts to approximately 42.000 euros.

“Ever since it was founded, our association has had important achievements – for instance, we reached patients with multiple sclerosis in the most remote corners of the county, such as Vinta, ValeaTupilor or Sugag”, said Dragoş Zaharia, president of the SM Speromax Alba Association.

The Vodafone Romania Foundation has been with the Alba association since 2012. Every year, a volunteer enrolled in the “Professional Volunteer” programme got involved in supporting and developing the association’s projects, and this year Speromax will also receive financial support within the “Fund for Good Deeds” financing round.

“We were impressed with the project proposed by Dragoş this year, especially because it approaches the issues posed by this affliction not just from the patient’s perspective, but especially from the perspective of the other communities involved – the patients’ families, doctors and Social Work students, volunteers and civil society members from Alba”, said Angela Galeţa, Director Vodafone Romania Foundation.

In the context of this project, the day centre will offer occupational therapy, kinetotherapy and assistance services, particularly for people with loco motor disabilities who need help moving around. In the case of patients who cannot move at all, an interdisciplinary team was created which will provide specialized home care for one year.

The SM Speromax Association plans to implement instructional activities for a large number of volunteers, regarding the assistance of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, as well as conducting a series of informational activities at a national level on how to manage and attend to these patients’ needs.

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