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We too celebrated the International Day of Older Persons

On October 1st the International Day of Older Persons was celebrated, and for this occasion, in the span of one week, the Foundation for Community Support (FCS), one of Vodafone Romania Foundation’s trusted partners, organised several activities and events dedicated to the elderly. Some of these were part of the “Alongside forgotten grandparents” programme’s schedule, financed by the Vodafone Romania Foundation. The programme offers home medical assistance and care, special recovery and social services for 800 elderlies from the city of Bacău, suffering from health conditions or facing difficult circumstances.

A first initiative was developed in Buhuşi, where, in partnership with the General Medical Assistants Order, the Let us not forget about those who forget conference, dedicated to the International Alzheimer’s Day. Geriatric doctors and neurologists, medical and social assistants and specialists from related institutions in Bacău were invited to participate and give presentations.

In the context of a different event, the Dr. Ştefan Ciobanu Day Centre Open Doors Day was organised. Senior beneficiaries of the centre prepared mini-shows with music, dance, painting and handmade exhibits, as well a play with which they toured a few similar centres. Moreover, collaborators, partners, as well as relatives of the beneficiaries were invited to visit the day centre, in order to learn about the activities and services the day centre has been providing for over 12 years to elderlies among the FCS.

On October 1st, the people from the Dr. Ştefan Ciobanu Day Centre benefited from a trip around Târgu Ocna – Slănic Moldova, where they were able to enjoy fresh air and mineral spring water.

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