We have launched “Professional Volunteer”, the 5th edition!

We have launched “Voluntar de profesie”, the 5th edition!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the “Voluntar de profesie” programme’s fifth edition. The programme is addressed to all those who want to make a change in the lives of the people around them and their communities. This year we have available 9 spots for a period of nine months.

“Anyone who wants to work for a non-profit organization in Romania, for the benefit of children, youths with disabilities, underprivileged families or elderlies, can pursue this dream and enrol in this year’s edition of the programme. All they have to do is pick an NGO where they would want to work and come up with a project proposal to carry out during their nine months as professional volunteers”, Angela Galeta, Managing Director for the Vodafone Romania Foundation has declared.
During the entire programme, the Vodafone Romania Foundation supports each of the 9 selected candidates, by paying their salary, as well as their administrative expenses. Each volunteer will receive a salary equal to the last pay received before the beginning of the “Voluntar de profesie” programme, up to 1000 Euros (net). “Voluntar de profesie” is addressed to the general public, as well as to Vodafone employees, who have 2 out of the 9 spots set aside for them.

Voluntari de profesie

How to enter the programme

People who wish to enrol in the programme must identify the desired non-profit organization, obtain their agreement to work together for 9 months and fill out the registration form available at fundatia-vodafone.ro, the professional volunteer section, between the 10th and 26th of September 2014.

The 9 winners will be selected by a jury comprising members of the Vodafone Romania Foundation team and Board of Directors, according to the programme’s calendar.

The non-governmental organization chosen by the candidates must run its activity in Romania, in one of the following fields: healthcare, education, prevention of school and family abandonment, social services, volunteer work, social inclusion for people with special needs and assistance in case of emergency. For further details regarding the calendar and rules of the “Voluntar de profesie” programme, go to: vodafone.ro/despre-noi/implicare-sociala/fundatia-vodafone/voluntar-de-profesie/#tab-1

What “Voluntar de profesie” is all about

„Voluntar de profesie” has been running its activity in Romania since 2002, and the first four editions involved: 28.600 hours of volunteer work, 65 projects and 15.000 beneficiaries, in the care of the various NGO partners across the country. During the last year’s edition, the 18 volunteers were involved in projects such as: teaching hypoacusic children with high intellectual potential in order to improve their performance in school, organizing art workshops for children suffering from serious sight disabilities, offering music lessons and setting up a rock band for children afflicted.

“Voluntar de profesie” is an innovative programme initiated in 2002 by the Vodafone Group Foundation, known worldwide as World of Difference.Up to today, over 3.025 volunteers from 19 countries have gotten involved in ONG-endorsed projects worldwide.

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