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Computers and laptops for a better future

The “Every child has a right to IT education” project, financed by the Vodafone Romania Foundation through the Fund for Good Deeds financing round has designated its winners.

This fall, 117 learning institutions, libraries, museum, NGOs and community centres will receive 520 pieces of IT equipment (computers and laptops) for employing educational projects addressed to children and youths facing difficult circumstances.

“Every child has a right to IT education” is a solidary enterprise aiming toreadjust the discrepancy of information technology availability in Romania, by supporting initiatives which set out to teach, educate and integrate children and youths from vulnerable population groups.

On September 11th,a jury comprising Vodafone Romania volunteers got together at the Bucharest Workshops without Borders headquarters; they were faced with the extremely difficult task to evaluate the received applications in order to assign the 520 pieces of IT equipment in play.

During the call for applications a total of 170 projects were submitted, requesting over 1.800 computers. Out of the preselected 145 projects, no fewer than 117 projects eventually made it on the winners’ list.

Congratulations to all our recipients for their accomplishment, and for their resolve and determination to make a change for the better in these children’s lives; after all, they deserve all of our attention and support!

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