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Vodafone Romania Foundation – Two-time Prizewinner at the People for People Gala in 2017

  • The Vodafone Romania Foundation was awarded “The Best CSR Program” prize and the “Best Sponsorship Project” prize

Bucharest, November 16, 2017 – The Vodafone Romania Foundation’s Connecting for Good program won “The Best CSR Program” prize at the 2017 People for People Gala organized by the Association for Community Relations (ACR). Also, the support provided by the Vodafone Foundation Romania to the „SOS Deaf People” project, also funded under the programme Connecting for Good in 2016, was awarded the „Best Sponsorship Project” prize.

Connecting for Good is a strategic program of the Vodafone Romania Foundation, which annually grants financing to projects run by non-governmental organizations that use mobile technology to solve social, healthcare and educational problems. Through this program, launched in 2012, the Foundation has so far granted total funding of 4 million euros for 55 projects with more than 40,000 final beneficiaries.

We are honored to have been awarded these prizes, including one for what we believe to be amongst our most important programs. Through the Connecting for Good program, the Vodafone Romania Foundation makes use of technology in order to improve people’s lives every year. The two awards received at this prestigious event acknowledge the real impact of our projects and the changing they bring in the communities”, says Angela Galeta, Director of the Vodafone Romania Foundation.

The projects carried out under this year’s Connecting for Good funding round are: Connecting for Children with Autism” – Help Autism Association, “Hearing is a Gift. Do not ignore it!”- Smiling Faces Romania Association, “Click SAVE for life!”- Foundation of Community Support, “The First Telemedicine Centre for Pediatric Diabetes in Romania”- Support for Diabetes Association, “Together for Health”- Prophylaxis Medical Help Foundation, “HOSPICE – Connection for Caring and Compassion”- HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation and “Senior citizen phone” – Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation.

Through the SOS Deafness project, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has funded the development of a real-time communication and warning system that ensures the autonomy of people with hearing and speech impairments, enabling them to call or emergency assistance by sending out predefined messages. The project was implemented in partnership with the Romanian Samaritans’ Association. More details about this project are available on the Jurnal de bine platform.

Among the projects carried out within the Connecting for Good funding program are the renovation and modernization of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit of the Constanta County Hospital and the equipping of the unit with a telemedicine solution.

Globally, in all the 27 countries where it is active, the Vodafone Foundation is involved in sponsoring, under the Connecting for Good umbrella, projects that use technology to solve urgent social problems, to improve people’s lives and to drive positive and sustainable changes across the society as a whole.

Each year, the People for People Gala awards prizes to the best social responsibility projects run by companies, non-governmental organizations, individual donors and volunteers. For the 2017 edition of this gala, over 300 philanthropic projects and initiatives were nominated.

Vodafone Romania Foundation is a Romanian nongovernmental organization with charitable status, distinct and independent of the company’s commercial operations, established in 1998. During the 19 years of activity, Vodafone Romania Foundation has financed 1,046 programs run by 660 NGOs throughout the country, in the fields of health, education, social services. The projects had 1.9 million beneficiaries – children, young and old people, physically, socially or economically disadvantaged persons. So far, Vodafone Romania has invested more than 26 million euros in projects run by nonprofit partner organizations. More details about the Foundation’s programs are available on fundatia-vodafone.ro, http://jurnaldebine.fundatia-vodafone.ro/ and www.facebook.com/fundatiavodafone.

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