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Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities

Partner: Fundația Mihai Neşu
Beneficiaries: Children with neuromotor disabilities aged 2 to 14
Location: Oradea
Year of launch: 2015 (December)
Budget: RON 252,667

Project target:

To provide therapies essential for the development of children with neuromotor disabilities, using efficient rehabilitation methods and state-of-the-art equipment


According to DGASPC Bihor, the number of children with neuromotor disabilities in the county is 1,054. In order to recover, these children require permanent physical therapy. Considering the fact that one session usually costs between RON 35 and RON 70, the monthly expenditures with such therapies reach very high amounts for every family.
Many children come from families without a very good financial situation, some of them being single-parent families, where the only sources of income are the child’s disability benefits and the attendance allowance received by the mother. These incomes are not enough for the parents to cover therapy costs, which is why children are often deprived of a chance to recover.


The Mihai Neşu foundation has founded a rehabilitation center where these children can benefit from long term basic therapies. These are the most efficient for the improvement of their neuromotor functions.

Through the provided funding, the center has purchased several medical rehabilitation equipment items, among which a modular suspension therapy system, a treadmill, a TOBII device, an eye tracking speech generating device, associating images with words, intended for children with cerebral palsy and speech impairments, and the equipment required for TheraSuit Therapy (a form of therapy unique in the country).

The TheraSuit method was proposed as an alternative to conventional physiotherapy. This method improves proprioceptive awareness and provides a better posture for the child during the various activities. Regaining a correct posture plays a critical role in normalizing muscle tone, the sensorial and vestibular functions.

In order to apply the TheraSuit method for clinical purposes, therapists must be specifically trained and certified, which became possible through the development of this project.

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