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The Mobility Caravan


Partner: The Motivation Foundation Romania
Beneficiaries: people with mobility and physical impairments
Location: isolated localities from the counties of Alba, Bacău, Constanța, Neamț and Tulcea
Year of launching: 2014
Budget: RON 213,919

Goal of the project:

Improvement of the mobility and self-confidence of disabled persons


For people with physical impairments, a wheelchair is the only chance to an active and dignified life, the only chance for independence. However, in Romania, one in five disabled people does not have and cannot afford a wheelchair, according to a survey conducted in 2010 by the Romanian Academic Society.


In 2014, we have implemented the pilot project “The Mobility Caravan”, through which 105 adults and children with physical disabilities from isolated localities in Romania have received customized mobility equipment or have benefited from the repairing, free of charge, of the equipment they were already using. A mobile wheelchair workshop traveled in 2014 to five remote localities, without access to services and specialized assistance, from the counties of Alba, Bacău, Constanța, Neamț and Tulcea.


A multidisciplinary team consisting of a physicaltherapist, a nurse, a technician specialized in repairing and adjusting wheelchairs and an independent life coach, also a wheelchair user.


– 105 adults and children received free customized mobility equipment
– 105 disabled people received medical and kinetotherapeutic evaluations and recommendations and also training for an independent lifestyle

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