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Vodafone Sulina Scholarship

Partner: Chance for Life Foundation
Location: Sulina, Tulcea County

Project at a glance:

In a long-term educational project, started in 2007, the Vodafone Foundation has been financing the scholarships of 30 children from Sulina, children with high intellectual potential from families with difficult financial and social situations.

Why this project is needed

Sulina, the easternmost city in the European Union, is today a city troubled by poverty and unemployment, old, isolated due to its geographical position, with little access to information and other resources, a city young people leave for good as soon as they have opportunity.

The Chance for Life Foundation, the only non-profit organization present in Sulina, supports children with high intellectual potential from very poor families, at risk of social exclusion. It aims to improve the lives of these children by giving them access to formal and non-formal education, psycho-physical support and school guidance.

How we help

The Vodafone Romania Foundation has financially supported since 2007 the education and development of 30 children (7-11 years) from Sulina, children with high intellectual potential from families with financial and social problems.

Every day, children do their homework in the presence of teachers included in the project, deepening their knowledge in the basic subjects and those they find difficult. In 2015, all the children in the care of the centre reached general average marks above 8.5 at school.

Additional preparation is offered to children who wish to participate in school competitions: they have received prizes and mentions in the national competitions: Olimpicii Cunoașterii, Concursul Internațional de Matematică Aplicată, Poveștile Cangurului, Cangurașul Matematician.

Aiming to foster the creative and practical skills and to supplement school education, the project offers children the possibility to attend creative workshops, interactive debates and various artistic competitions (acting, dance, etc.).

The 30 young scholarship beneficiaries take part in sports activities, camps and excursions and they are encouraged to actively participate in the community, along with volunteers, parents and friends – in cultural or environmental protection activities organized in collaboration with other schools and institutions in the city.

The Vodafone scholarship offers children meals in the centre’s canteen, monthly medical evaluations, school supplies, books and other materials necessary for their education.

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