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Get involved! Good is an undepletable source of energy. Help us replenish it, take it forward and make it transform the communities and lives of those around us. You can be the force that moves things. Take the first step with us!

Direct 2%

Any help will be cherished and carefully directed towards the people that need it the most. You can contribute with money or products, and your donation will go directly and completely towards the projects of the NGOs we support. If you prefer, we can put you in direct contact with these organizations.

Two simple steps to direct 2% of your income tax to Vodafone Romania Foundation.


Download and fill the form

Download and fill in one of the forms below, depending on your source of income. The field “amount” is optional and can be calculated by the tax authority.


Send the form

File it personally at the Financial Administration where you are registered. You can also send it through registered mail or online, according to the law.

The legal term for submitting applications is May 25 each year.


Money or products – will go directly and solely to projects of NGOs we support. If you wish, we can put you in direct contact with these organizations. Contact us!

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