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Doing good is something normal. We improve the lives of those in need, we drive change in the communities we support.

About Vodafone Romania Foundation Manifest

What do we do?

The Vodafone Romania Foundation is a Romanian non-governmental organization
heavily involved in disadvantaged communities throughout Romania.
Areas of involvement

We support the promotion of education, modernization and efficiency of health services, combating poverty among families and the elderly, volunteering and more.

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Strategic programmes

We intervene in the community through a series of individual projects implemented directly in the community or by financing programmes carried out in partnership with local NGOs.

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We financed over 1.100 programs in various fields, thus investing over 28 million EUR in projects carried out by partner non-profit organizations.

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We cultivate and sustain long-term partnerships based on professionalism, principles and common values.

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Figures and good deeds

over € 2 millioninvested annually in communities across Romania
tens of thousandsof children, elderly, sick or disabled people benefit annually from the projects developed by the Foundation
almost 1.800 volunteer employeesof Vodafone Romania are involved each year in the projects developed by the Foundation
nearly 600 Vodafone employeesdonate monthly from their salary for the benefit of the Foundation
over 50 non-profit organizations are supported annuallyin an effort to give to the poor, the sick, those just setting out, a chance at a better life
hundreds of hoursof volunteering dedicated to vulnerable people


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Două adolescente au devenit voluntare pentru copiii cu părinții plecați în străinătate: „Ne putem ridica singuri”

În centru, voluntarele Bianca și Raluca „Tata a lucrat în străinătate de când mă știu eu. Din când în când, mai venea acasă, apoi pleca din nou, era ceva normal. Dar când a plecat și mama...

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The people that changed the life of a village in Romania. From the claim that “children sleep better with plum brandy”, to a generation of young people learning and going to high school

“If a child is able to hold a bucket, he/she will carry water each day”, says Gabriela Achihai, the president of the Community Support Foundation (FSC) from Bacău. From a very young age, children in p...

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Letters to Santa. Good people providing a fairytale Christmas to several hundred children

At the Bacău Athenaeum, children laugh so loud that the noise filling the room seems like a perfect acoustic sample of the joy of living. The person who’s now cheering them up is a magician having the st...

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The love of a mother who doesn’t give up: “When I gave birth to Mădălina, 27 years ago, the doctors told me to leave her there and go home”

Told by her mother, Cristiana Marin When I gave birth to Mădălina, 27 years ago, the doctors told me to leave her there and go home. I also have an older son and apparently there was no point in sacrificin...

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Când tehnologia schimbă vieți: de la soluții de telemedicină până la ajutor pentru nevăzătorii care folosesc transportul în comun

La mese de lucru așezate una lângă alta, zeci de oameni care și-au făcut o profesie din a-i ajuta pe ceilalți vorbesc însuflețiți cu specialiști în product development, programare, telecomunicații, ...

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“The youngest patient was two hours old”. The Emergency Unit received 58,000 children this year.

By Raluca Ion Alina Petrisor has been involved in the emergency medicine for over 20 years now. She worked at the Floreasca Emergency Hospital in 2002 when she got the challenge she never thought she'd take ...

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