School for a Craft – School for Life!

de: Fundaţia Vodafone România January 21, 2019

Partner: CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization
Beneficiaries: 70 young people aged 17-27, from vulnerable backgrounds, institutionalized, low-educated or educationally retarded/functionally illiterate groups of young individuals.
Location: Ploiesti (Prahova county), with beneficiaries coming from the counties of Prahova, Tulcea, Brasov, Buzau, Dambovita, Cluj, Vaslui, Giurgiu and Ialomita
Launch Year: September 2018
Budget: 197,000 lei

Purpose: Provide integrated social services, designed to help socially vulnerable categories of people acquire vocational, occupational and independent living skills.


Young people leaving the special protection system after the age of 18 represent a highly vulnerable social category, being exposed to the risk of social exclusion because of the scarcity of the services dedicated to help them acquire and develop their independent living skills. In the absence of any support from their family and lacking socio-professional integration skills, these young people are also deprived of social services, counseling and assistance, while at the same time they are also facing difficulties related to functional illiteracy and educational retardation, disability, inequality, lack of competences, including lack of basic knowledge of foreign languages ​​and digital competences. Because the current public education system is mainly concentrated on transfer of theoretical knowledge, graduates are often lacking the practical skills they need to perform on the job, a drawback employers are often complaining about.


– Provide practical and theoretical training to 70 young people from vulnerable groups in the following five jobs: cook, waiter, baker, carpenter and plant grower;
– Increasing the educational competences and the independent living skills of 70 young people from socially vulnerable groups;
– Involving the community and enhancing community awareness of the importance of the vocational education of young people from socially vulnerable groups.

Expected results:

– Achieve a minimum of 85% graduation rate at the skill evaluation examination of the 70 apprentices;
– Collaborate with at least 10 organizations / institutions / companies to inform and select the apprentices and to provide professional internships;
– At least 70% of the graduates take a job at the end of their training;
– The young participants in non-formal education activities acquire further educational and social skills, which will help them lead an independent life, as well as better communication skills, a teamwork spirit, a higher degree of self-confidence, the power to handle discrimination and manage their resources.

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