Reconstruction and modernization of the Constanța County Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Partners: Children’s Heart (Inima Copiilor) and Give Wings (Dăruiește Aripi) Associations
Beneficiaries: This project’s main beneficiaries are the infants born in the southeastern part of Romania who need medical care at European standards in the Constanța newborn intensive care unit, as well as their families
Location: Constanța
Budget: 5,850,000 lei
Launch year: 2016

Project target:

Building a modern and efficient structure, adapted to the number of patients in the region and according to the highest medical standards. The number of beds for inpatients will increase from eight to 16 in the intensive care unit. Moreover, there will be eight beds for the prematurely born infants.


The infant mortality rate in the southeastern part of Romania exceeds 9.7 out of 1000, which is above the national average and three times higher than the European one. The Constanța County Hospital Newborn Unit, which admitts patients from a large geographical area, includes two sections: a newborn intensive care unit and a premature infants unit. There are around 900 newborns admitted to this unit annually, and two thirds of them require intensive care. The unit takes care of 15-20 patients at a time, allthough the intensive care unit has only eight beds available, and the conditions are dire. Some other 350 patients are prematurely born children and the section which is supposed to care for them lacks resources. This unit has not been renovated since the hospital was built, which was approximately 50 years ago, and consequently, it is here that the highest infant mortality rate is registered, and the situation continues to deteriorate.


The Vodafone Romania Foundation supports the renovation and modernization of the Constanța County Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit by doubling the amount of money raised in the national fund raising campaign organized by the Children’s Heart and Give Wings Associations.

Following the renovation, the Vodafone Romania Foundation will furnish the Newborn Intensive Care unit with a telemedicine system which will allow doctors to monitor children even from outside the medical unit, to broadcast vital medical data or to organize video-conferences with specialists from other hospitals in Romania or abroad.

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