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Children’s summer camp: Forget about your diagnosis

Vodafone Romania Foundation and HOSPICE Casa Speranţei have organised a special summer camp at the beach for 32 children whose existence lie under the threat of an unforgiving diagnosis. This is the fifth year in a row we have organised this camp along with HOSPICE Casa Speranţei, attended by children, parents, medical personnel, social workers and volunteers alike.

Children were hosted by Camp Luminița in Eforie Nord, located right on the shore, a complex including pools and playgrounds. For six days, children followed a specially-designed daily schedule, besides laying in the sun and splish-splashing in the water. They participated in arts and crafts workshops, took trips to the Aquarium and Zoo in Constanța and launched sky lanterns on their last night of camp.

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“These little dears feel they can take a vacation from being sick and go to a place where they get full support, for all their needs and wants”, Codruța Popa told us, social worker for HOSPICE Casa Speranţei.

The Luminița Complex opened its gates for each child’s second parent, brothers and sisters, offering them the possibility to purchase their spots at a discounted price. That way it was possible for some families to enjoy their summer vacation together.

Furthermore, on the last day of camp, the complex representatives made a giant cake for the little ones, doubling as a birthday cake for those born around that date.


The Vodafone Romania Foundation offers over 100.000 euro financing every year through the “Caring Together” programme, which also served as the umbrella-project for the seaside summer camp. The funds are used fully and exclusively towards the benefit of children and adults diagnosed with incurable diseases.

Tabara pentru copii - Fundatia Vodafone - Hospice

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