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The Vodafone Romania Foundation to finance modernization of 24 blood centres in 2017

  • Eight of the 24 centres will be renovated and the others will be endowed with medical equipment
  • The Vodafone Romania Foundation invested approximately 1 million euros in this program
  • More than 620,000 blood donors and patients benefited from the program up to now

Bucharest, June 28, 2017 ”A Chance for Life” program, run under the partnership between the Vodafone Romania Foundation and React Association, will continue in 2017 with the modernization of 24 blood donation centres located all over the country (Ploiesti, Targoviste, Galati, Deva, Satu-Mare, Braila, Miercurea-Ciuc, Resita, Zalau, Ramnicu-Valcea, Baia Mare, Pitesti, Botosani, Alexandria, Craiova, Barlad, Tulcea, Focsani, Piatra Neamt, Sibiu, Bacau, Campulung, Oradea and Timisoara). Eight of them, located in Pitesti, Campulung, Ploiesti, Zalau, Satu-Mare, Sibiu, Barlad and Focsani, will be renovated, and the others will be endowed with modern specialized medical equipment. ”A Chance for Life” program has been financed by the Vodafone Romania Foundation with approximately 1 million euros over the last nine years.

Launched in 2008, „A Chance for Life” became the largest national blood donation program in Romania. The program started with a series of annual information and education activities on the importance of voluntary and periodical donation and continued with several mobile campaigns of blood donation organized in public spaces, university campuses and company headquarters. In 2014, the program extended with the component focused on refurbishing and providing the blood donation centres with medical equipment. Bucharest Blood Transfusion Centre, the largest in Romania, was the first centre that benefited from the program. Renovation activities organised under the program continued with eight new centres in 2015 and other ten in 2016.

„With these 24 centers that we shall cover in 2017, we shall complete the program of modernizing all blood transfusion centers in the country. We have thus fulfilled our promise made three years ago when we started the program. The renovation and endowment of the transfusion centers is one of the investment priorities set by the foundation in the healthcare field. This is one of the four strategic areas of our activity, besides education, social services and volunteering”, said Angela Galeta, Director, Fundatia Vodafone Romania.

Besides supporting these centres, ”A Chance for Life” program will include in 2017 more than 20 mobile blood donation campaigns, to be organised during this summer throughout the country. Such campaigns will also run for the Vodafone Romania employees, as well as in other 30 partner companies.

More than 620,000 blood donors and patients benefitted until now from the renovated and properly equipped blood donation centres, of whom more than 414,000 patients received the blood they needed for transfusions. Renovation works covered so far more than 28,000 sqm in 18 centres in the country.

Since the ”A Chance for Life” program has been launched, Romanian blood donation centres registered in 2016 a decrease in the average donors’ age at the national level, for the first time after 1989. At present, 30% of the blood donated comes from loyal young donors.

React Association is a non-governmental organization that significantly participates in the development of the four pillars of a prosperous community: health, education, social economy and community development. The implemented projects produce major changes in people’s lives through adapted interventions and active involvement. In the eleven years since its establishment, almost 1 million Romanians benefited, directly or indirectly, from the activities of React Association. The impact of the projects is confirmed by the 18 national and international excellence awards received, which position the association among the most awarded non-governmental organizations in Romania

Vodafone Romania Foundation is a Romanian nongovernmental organization with charitable status, distinct and independent of the company’s commercial operations, established in 1998. During the 19 years of activity, Vodafone Romania Foundation has financed 1,046 programs run by 660 NGOs throughout the country, in the fields of health, education, social services. The projects had 2 million beneficiaries – children, young and old people, physically, socially or economically disadvantaged persons. So far, Vodafone Romania has invested more than 26 million euros in projects run by nonprofit partner organizations. Vodafone Romania Foundation is part of Vodafone Group Foundation, an international organization that has been active for 25 years through its subsidiaries in 27 countries. More details about the Foundation’s programs are available on, and

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