No Child Separated from His/Her Family!

de: Fundaţia Vodafone România January 21, 2019

Partner: Hope and Homes for Children Romania
Beneficiaries: 104 children at high risk of family abandonment
Location: Bihor County
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 170,000 lei

Purpose: maintain the children who are inevitably exposed to the risk of being separated from their family and of being therefore institutionalized within their natural or extended families.


39% of the Romanian children live in poverty*; they do not attend kindergarten or school and have barely anything to eat. That is why parents often choose to leave their children in the care of the state, placing them in foster care centers, where the children will indeed have what they need to survive, but where, on the other hand, they will be deprived of parental affection. We believe that a family is the primary factor serving the best interests of a child and therefore we advocate the keeping of children by their parents, by resorting to a diversified approach to the current assistance being provided to families and their children. The program dedicated to preventing child separation from the family is complementary and essential to the program covering the decommissioning the old type of child institutionalization structures, being focused on the principle that, as children are gradually leaving the orphanages, we should make sure that no other children take their place.


– improving the living conditions of the family (access to a house that is safe for children’s lives, access to basic facilities – water, electricity, plumbing and heating; provision of pieces of furniture and household appliances of first necessity);
– improving the financial situation (supporting adults in finding a job, counseling adults on how to obtain the benefits they are granted by law, increasing their self-management skills by engaging them in farming);
– facilitating children’s access to education (enrolling children in kindergarten / day center / school system; granting access of the children to specialized services supporting their learning and education – speech therapist, school counselor, social worker);
– facilitating access to basic and specialized medical services;

Expected results:

– Approximately 104 children will be supported to stay with their families;
– 40 social workers from DGASPC and SPASs in Bihor will be trained to acquire the best practice in preventing child separation from his or her family.

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