MagiCamp Kitchen and housing facilities

Partner: MagiCamp Association
Beneficiaries: Children between 6 and 15 years old from all over the country, having been diagnosed with cancer
Localisation: Brăneşti, Dâmboviţa County
Launch year: 2015
Budget: 301,157 lei

Project target:

The undergoing project has completed MagiCamp’s infrastructure by adding an essential element: a new building which includes a kitchen, a dining room and a few housing spaces, which increased the camp’s housing facility and doubled the number of its beneficiaries.


For a child and his/her family, cancer, apart from the shock of the news itself, brings about a radical change in lifestyle, completely redifining the challenges everybody is being confronted with. The whole care and resources are aimed at benefitting the sick child and at helping him/her to survive. The time spent with the family , the joy, the play are all replaced by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, doctors’ appointments, investigations and painful medical procedures. Family celebrations and family members’ birthdays go unnoticed. There are no more vacations, only hospitalisations. There are no more campings, only trips to the hospital. The emotional challenges – to say the least – that the child and his/her family go through are hard to imagine for the rest of us, and the brunt is usually borne by the child.

The solution:

The first thing we are supposed to give back to these children is the play.

At MagiCamp, things are simple: for a week, everything else is forgotten while we focus on nothing but play – music, dance, archery, magic, forest theme parks, horse riding, theater, superstars surprise visits, swimming pools, zip line, camp fires and all the “crazy stuff” children enjoy doing, everything being thoroughly prepared and discretely kept under watch by professional animators and psychologists, and of course by the little patients’ doctors. Specialists call everything happening at MagiCamp therapeutical recreation.

By completing the MagiCamp infrastructure, this project helped improve children’s and volunteers’ housing and feeding facilities (the possibility to cook the food inside the camp according to the standards imposed by the camp’s regulations and to childrens’ preferences and observing the camp’s medical director’s guidelines). Requirements were fulfilled to increase the number of the beneficiaries to visit the summer camps, enjoy the weekends with their parents and all the other MagiCamp Association programs.